G4P: Stranded Guide


In the top left of your HUD, you will notice there is a little menu that displays some simple keybinds for the gamemode. Just press the corresponding “F” key to display said information.

Our Network’s Website Menu

Pressing F6 will display very important information. It will display our network’s website, rules, guide, etc.

Commands Menu

Pressing F7 will bring up useful commands that you can bind to keys to do quick actions.

Stats Menu

Pressing F8 will open up all of your stats! It will display how many times you have died, killed items, planted items, etc.

“Q” Menu

Hold “Q” to open up your inventory to craft structures, plant plants/trees, etc. This is where you will do all of your actions on here!


The hotbar appears on the bottom of your HUD when you press F2. You can bind tools, weapons, plants (To plant them), and food. You bind items to the hotbar by clicking and dragging the item you want onto the assigned key you would like to use. If it doesn’t stay in the hotbar, it will not be allowed to bind.

Tribe Menu

The tribe menu can be brought up by pressing F3. This will allow you to make a tribe with your friends to boost EXP gain and to earn extra perks by gaining tribe EXP.

Inventory Side Popup

Pressing F4 will make a menu popup with your inventory. You are able to do actions in this menu! Allows you to drop, consume, etc in this menu.

Skills Menu

Pressing F1 will display your skills menu. This gives you up-to-date information on what level you are in each skill! Each action requires a certain level in each skill. Mining for example, Mining Stone only requires level 1. Mining Iron requires level 15!