Basic Needs

Down on the bottom left of your HUD you will see certain stats. Those stats are Health, Hunger, Thirst, and Fatigue.

Health – When your health hits 0, you will go into a permanent sleep (Die.) When your hunger or thirst reaches 0, you will slowly loose health until you eat or drink. If your fatigue hits 0, you will instantly sleep due to lack of energy. Loosing all of your fatigue will NOT make you die, just sleep.

Hunger – There is a few sources of food. 2 easily obtainables are berries and fish. Berries are obtained by forging the ground. I will describe this further down. Fish is obtained by crafting a fishing rod and fishing in the water. All kinds of meats are better when cooked of course.

Thirst – Go up to a body of water and press the “USE” key to drink water to refill your water meter. You can even bottle up water to drink on the run! To do so, go into your Q menu, Options section, and click “Bottle Water.” To drink bottle water, you will have to go back in there and click “Drink Bottled Water.” (This will be getting changed down the road!)

Fatigue – If you sleep under cover, you will sleep faster and regain even more health! To sleep you can either press the “USE” button on a bed, or just type !sleep in chat.

Melon Aids

Melon Aids can be caught by eating too many berries. This will give you a posion that will damage you over time. You will noticed a picture on your HUD indicating you have Melon Aids. Melon Aids will eventually wear off by itself, however you are able to make a cure in the Alchemy bench if you have the resources and skills! 


Pressing the “USE” button on a grill will open the cooking menu. Here you can cook various items to nom nom on. Make sure to craft a Frying Pan as soon as possible! This will help the items not burn as fast! Make sure you have it equipped though!


To level up farming, you can either forage the ground (Which you will need to do to get seeds), and by planting seeds. If you are foraging you are able to craft a Hoe and use that to forage faster. The higher the level of seed, the more EXP you get. Once you have Seeds, you can go into your Q menu and under farming, you can plant seeds by clicking the seed icon you want to plant while looking at the ground. If you would like to get more seeds or remove them without the risk of Melon Aids, you can craft a Seed Extractor.

Aid Packs

You are able to make multiple items to heal you, and fixes. To do so, craft an “First Aid Workbench.”