General Rules

  1. English Only – Global Voice/Text chat will be english only. Tribe Voice/Text can be any language you wish it to be!
  2. No Advertising – Once again, this is mostly everywhere. Just use common sense please.
  3. No illegal activity – No threatening, talking, or anything. This will result in an instant ban. No exceptions. Not tolerating this.
  4. No harassment, spamming, trolling – Be respectful of everyone. You don’t know people’s life, you could insult someone that wasn’t intentional. Just because you think you wouldn’t get hurt/insulted, doesn’t mean others won’t.
  5. Racism/Sexism – This goes along with Rule #4, but has to be said. Do not even hint to issues of this. Rather it be in voice or text chat.
  6. Stuck? – You may use !unstuck, but do not exploit it. Doing so will result in being punished.
  7. No hacking/exploiting – This is on all servers, just use common sense. We will not tolerate this what-so-ever. Just don’t test us.
  8. False Accusations – You may report people on our forums, but doing so will result in proper evidence. Video being a high chance of action being taken. Any false accusations will make us not believe you as often of course. We have measures in place to remember these.
  9. No Prop Abuse – Do not use props to gain an unfair advantage in game. So don’t use them to block resource caves, public arenas, etc.
  10. Other’s Bases – Accidentally fell into someone’s base? Got kicked out of a base? Make sure you take what is yours and respectfully leave please. If you both have PvP off it will go smoother to go peacefully because if a staff member gets involved, it will not be an easy transition.
  11. Scamming – Don’t scam players. Would you have liked being scammed? No. Be nice and respectful during your en devours.
  12. Boss Fights – If you did not spawn in the boss, and/or help spawn it and the person that DID spawn it didn’t give you permission to be there, then you have no reason at all to be in there. Exploiting these boss fights will not be taken lightly because it is not easy/cheap to get these to spawn!
  13. Admins’ word – Our staff member’s word will be final. They are staff for a reason. Finding loopholes, workarounds, etc will just make you look immature and possibly be banned.
  14. Reading – Another big rule is reading ALL of these rules… If a staff member quizes you on the rules, this will most likely be the rule they ask you about….

Base Rules

  1. Don’t block resources – Building near them is okay, just make sure there is an easy path to resources. Stone, and Iron nodes is questionable to have inside your base since they are abandonment amounts of them.
  2. Not Okay Basing Areas – No basing inside the arena, or (If you are a beast and find a way) outside the map. 
  3. Signs – If someone has a “Do not enter” sign, please follow it. If you are invited then awesome! If they ask you to leave, please leave. If you have PvP enabled, and they do as well, fair game. Just hope you don’t get wrecked! No inappropriate words on signs neither. Shops are allowed to be made in these for the buyer to contact you.
  4. No inappropriate shapes – These are common sense as well. This is intended to be a family friendly server, so be smart on the shapes being used.

PvP Rules

  1. PvP Enabled? – Raiding is allowed if the other person has PvP enabled also. 
  2. No Combat Logging – This means if you have PvP Enabled, and you are about to get attacked to NOT log out. This will be a punishable offense.